The Informanagement system


The Informanagement concept

The ‘IM’ system drives the services we provide.

The essence of Informanagement is our online portal that we have developed. This system houses all of our articles that we write each week and push out through a variety of medias including email, print, website and social. With the newsletters this allows us to create ‘profiles’ for individual recipients filtering out content that is not relevant to them.

Informanagement will write approx. 12-15 articles per week which are then pushed out via our suite of different services.

This gives each newsletter recipient a personalised newsletter with the content that is specifically relevant to them. Additionally, content is then pushed out by our system on to your practice website to keep it up to date and on to your social media profiles. To compliment these services we also push the articles internally to staff so they are aware of what is going out to clients and aid their CPD.

Your gateway

The Informanagement system is a web based portal. The dashboard is the gateway to your newsletters and content on your website. From here you can add, edit or remove recipients, edit your introduction and footer text, stipulate which client managers the newsletters get sent from, edit our articles, add your own articles, proof read the newsletter, use our InforMailer mail cannon, edit and add social media posts and view the archive of client and staff content.

Useable with all browsers – you just need Internet access no matter where you are in the world.

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Our content is expertly written both for you and your clients.

’The content we write is written by our in-house team of experts. We do not use other people’s articles nor do we syndicate out our content to other people. It is for the sole use of our clients. Our in-house team of editors will write approx. 12-15 articles per week across tax, accountancy, corporate governance and HR.


Content is key

Content is key when communicating with clients but gone are the days when one size fits all. We are in a time of information overload, where people are after relevant information in a manageable way.

Informanagement provides content to accountancy firms in the form of articles which cover changing tax, accountancy and business advisory regulations, legislation and precedent setting cases.

Firms can then use this content as a marketing tool and for client communication.

Created internally by our team of editors, these articles are utilised through our specially developed online portal. The portal contains a facility to profile clients and staff against some set criteria filtering out articles that are not relevant and leaving in what is.

New Things

Informanagement is committed to developing new products and services. Our on-going development plan ensures that we utilise the latest technology and changing content to enhance client communication and practice marketing.