Security Protocol


1. General
2. Physical security server
3. Data transmission
4. Data management
5. Logical security
6. Separation of duties
7. Continuity
8. Guarantees


To guarantee the security of your data, we use the latest encryption techniques. The result is therefore a very high level of security that easily outstrips the security of data in your office. The data is split into 3 levels:
•    Physical
•    Data transmission
•    Data backup

Moreover the program offers the possibility to secure the data at a user level. You can set your security so that employees have limited access to the data.

Certificates are always used to take care of, make reliable and secure your data. The security in place ensures that you are only communicating with our server and not with another.

Physical security server

The barred/locked space where the server is located is only accessible by authorised persons. The building itself is secured with an anti-theft alarm system.

Data transmission

Data transmission on the website is encrypted. The 128 bit encryption is the highest level of security available on the Internet at this moment in time. The same level of encryption is also used for the passing on of sensitive information such as credit card data. Impingement on the line does not lead to corruption of readable data. KPN

Telecommunication has handed over a certificate, with which the user gets a copy of, confirming the websites identity as authentic. As soon as you log on and the yellow padlock icon appears, you are safe in the knowledge that you are logged on our website.

Data management

Every client has his own database on the system. A daily backup of the database is made and kept at the office of the provider. Once a week, a backup is done that is then stored in a locker outside the office building of the provider. The data in the databases are encrypted so that they are not readable by third parties. This data is also encrypted with 128 bit encryption. Access to the database is only possibly via the website or with a secret licence key.

Logical security

Every user has a unique username and access code. The user has the opportunity to change their own access code so that they have sole access to their information on the database.

The management of the access codes is as follows:
•    Informanagement client level (managed by Informanagement)
•    Employees and Customers of Informanagement’ s clients (managed by the accountancy firm)

Separation of Duties

The functions within Informanagement UK are split as follows:
•    Informanagement controls all users of the application
•    All on-going development of the application is done externally by our software developers
•    The hosting of the Informanagement application is carried out externally


In order to guarantee the continuity of Informanagement, the source codes are kept at our office. In the case of the software developer going out of business it is possible for Informanagement to continue maintaining the website.


Informanagement guarantees to our users that:
•    no access will be provided to third parties;
•    the data will not be used unless it is for the Informanagement application;
•    no data will be supplied to third parties.