Personalised newsfeed

The Informanagement newsfeed service pushes all the articles we generate every week directly onto the practice website.

The articles are bite-sized summaries which are written especially for non-technical people. All the articles sit directly on the practice website rather than on an Informanagement site meaning that the articles, when opened, load very quickly.

Put an end to:
• Non accountancy related news content.
• A boring static website with no news
• Losing out on search engine optimisation opportunities.
• Relying on yourself to keep the website updated.

The design and feel of the newsfeed fits in seamlessly with your website meaning there is no indication as to the providers as well as making sure that your branding remains consistent and fresh.

The latest 3 articles sit on the homepage of the practice website, which means that anyone visiting the site will see that it is kept up to date and there is nothing more than a week old. Anything over 3 weeks old sits in an archive which is fully searchable.

We can provide integration files for:

  • WordPress
  • Joomla
  • Custom XML Feed
  • WIX

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