Monthly client email newsletter

Informanagement offers accountancy firms a tailored and bespoke mobile responsive monthly email newsletter service. We give firms the opportunity to be in complete control of all of their marketing communications without actually doing the work.

Put an end to:
• Static, boring email newsletters
• One size fits all with limited content
• Limited branding/advertising opportunities
• Clients reading newsletters containing irrelevant information.

The primary concept of the newsletters is the ability to tailor the content each recipient receives so that they receive information that directly relates to the work you do for them and the tax areas that interest them. These newsletters are practice branded and contain a profiling mechanism which allows you to personalise each one.

Naturally, these have personalised salutations, addressing individual recipients with any greeting you like. This gives you the opportunity to be as informal or formal as you like. There is also the ability to link individual recipients to client managers (so the newsletters come from the person in the practice that the client deals with).

You can amend our articles and add any of your own whenever you wish.
Articles are added by Informanagement and categorised by tax and business advisory area, business type and market sector.

Informanagement has also integrated ‘ShareThis’ in to our system meaning recipients of your newsletters can ‘share’ articles with other people in their network. These articles when shared are viewed on the practice website, driving traffic on to the site and improving SEO raising awareness and the profile of your practice.

For our existing clients please visit the Newsletter schedule page to view our time table.

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